University Edge offers a diverse range of social, academic and educational events, exclusive to residents. No matter what your interests, there’s always something to do and plenty of ways to meet new people.

Whether you are looking to rent a 2, 3 or 4-bedroom apartment or lease by the bedroom, you will find we offer the best in student apartment living!

We believe at University Edge that you should have all the luxury, partnered with the best in customer service!


There are always plenty of ways to meet new people and have fun, from pancake breakfasts, sporting competitions and movie nights to themed parties, resident dinners and yoga lessons. Take a look at our Facebook page for some of our past events!

Of course, we haven’t forgotten the reason you’re at college in the first place. We help promote academic success with study groups, student tutor support, purpose-built study spaces, seminars on exam techniques and more. We also have fantastic facilities to support your studies, including a study lounge with individual and group study spaces, presentation screens and printers.

We offer plenty of opportunities for residents to learn about different cultures, contribute to the community and learn new skills that you can use throughout university and beyond.


The lifestyle at University Edge offers the environment ETSU students crave! With success, community, and individuality in mind, we ensure each resident has the most enjoyable college experience possible.


Find the comforts of home and the new experiences of college in your own community. You can easily balance academics and your social life with our great amenities and community events.

Browse away in our café. Focus on your studies in our clubhouse. Relax on one of our floats poolside. With the perfect amenities outside your door and restaurants, grocery stores, and more within walking distance, rest assured you won’t have to travel far to find what you need. We work hard to make sure our apartments and amenities balance the warmth of home with the energy of the college experience.